Crossmound en EspaƱol

Spanish translation by 070M4N

Crossmound [FR]

French translation by Abibeur

Sound Credits

Page 2 - "Crossmound"

by Levc_EGM

Page 33 - "Hallow Wind"

by Youtube Audio Library

Page 119 - "At The Edge"

by Levc_EGM

Page 144 - "Slow Heartbeat"

by SoundLibrary1

Page 204 - "Casino"

by Melody Sounds

Page 222 - "Pony Chorale"

by Michael Guy Bowman

Page 418 - "Eyes in the Abyss"

by Abibeur

Art Credits

Page 119 - [S] Tahbbi: GRIEF!!!!

Art contribution from Feengoid

Page 275 - Lokere's Posters

by Prosciuttoon

Page 302 - Dejinn's Magazines

by Clownnboii

Extra content

Crossmound Teaser Trailer

Released on February 22nd, 2022.

Crossmound Act 1 Trailer

Music - "Try" by Levc_EGM

Crossmound Q&A - January 2023

By tentapillar and GHSTHRLQN

Crossmound Vol 1 Teaser Trailer

Music - "Primarian Interlude"


Crossmound Vol 1

Released on March 23rd, 2023.

Crossmound EOA 1 + Act 2 Trailer

Music - "Rapturic Concerto"

by Levc_EGM

A letter to my best friend

Special Thanks

To Prosciuttoon for lending us

the layout for the MSPFA backup.

To Ale for the horse sounds.